Heads Up (12 – 13 Aug)

Heads Up

Heads Up

12 – 13 Aug

12 – 13 Aug | 13.00 | 60mins | U
£6 (£5 conc)

An eclectic pick-and-mix treat of great new dance and styles curated with you, the hungry Fringe audience, in mind.

Programmes of totally new work from invited artists, offering high-quality dance diversions that show off fresh ideas and creations hot from the studio. You may even see an exclusive teaser for a future festival show.

Heads Up is the perfect ticket to experience the excitement and randomness of the Fringe in one affordable dance showcase. A veritable Fringe grab bag for anyone on the lookout for something new and exciting.

12 Aug:
Lizzie Koltz
Lydia Cottrell
Kirsty Pollock

13 Aug:
Charlotte McLean
Tess Letham
Aaron Jeffrey

Note: Further line-up to be announced.

Creative Scotland
Supported by Edinburgh
Hula Juice Cafe